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My name is Adam Hillman, a 21-year-old New Jersey native, full-time college student, and artist. The photos I create right now, which I call arrangements, I've only been doing for a little over a year. Before these, I produced abstract photography, paintings, and drawings. I'm currently a junior in college and studying art history. I've also taken painting and drawing classes.

I describe my work as arrangements of everyday objects ordered into geometric patterns, which are inspired by minimalism and outsider art. I use these patterns, alongside conceptual organizers such as puns, fine art, color order, and optical illusions to arrange elaborate scenes, challenging viewers preconceived notions of the objects' everyday usages. When creating these arrangements, I am looking to create optically riveting illusions and color relationships, ideally altering the way viewers perceive the artistic and optical potential of everyday objects.

Besides being everyday consumer goods, I decide on the objects based on their formal and conceptual qualities fulfilling the concept I wish to convey. For instance, the reason I chose Icebreakers for my photo "Icebreaker" is that their name perfectly fit the pun I was attempting to convey, and when I cut them in half they didn't shatter. Likewise, I chose gummy bears for "Bear Square" because I was attracted to their richness and variety of color, which I knew would create a compelling gradient. As a lover of art history, this use of color is also a link to abstract painters such as Ellsworth Kelly and Piet Mondrian, who have been highly influential to my artistic practice.