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Lane Walkup

It's hard for me to even call myself an artist...I feel like I haven't earned that title yet? But I started feeling more comfortable with the idea when I began making images that popped into my head rather than just functional metal items. I was always searching for this outlet, I was super into sewing when I was younger, always loved making weird clothes to wear to high school. But sewing just wasn't enough for me. I tried painting, and that didn't really stick. It wasn't until I started working with metal that I felt something really click, I mean, like, on a soul level it clicked. I was making knives for awhile, that's what I was initially into, I wanted to perfect it and prove I could do it well, and eventually ended up making kitchen knives for a bunch of chefs. But knife making is really precise and it's a world that I didn't truly connected with, so I don't really do it much anymore. I think it's when I started torch welding steel wire, which was a medium within my medium that gave me fluidity and gracefulness, that I felt the best. It really started to express my personality, which felt better than most things I made in the past because I was making something directly from my mind, which is one of the best feelings ever, like holding a thought in your hands. I first started making shapes that tricked the eye, big cubes and domes, whose shadows gave the illusion that pieces were moving in opposition. I made a few videos that looked like line drawings in this hypnotical way, that's when I started falling in love.

I think I'm starting to get better at making things out of wire, my lines are cleaner, my pieces have taken on different meanings and shapes, I've been able to add humor and jest into work in a way I find effective. It's all just therapy for me, I have a true compulsion to create something, I can't sit still and I can't stop now that I have unlocked this box in my head. Honestly I feel really lucky anyone likes it cause I don't think I'm able to stop lol.